Blown Wall Insulation

  • is a loose-fill type of insulation made from fiberized paper.
  • is designed to be pneumatically injected into the open face of exterior or partition wall cavities. Installed dry will form a cohesive matt time as the natural migration of moisture (in and out of the wall cavity) activates the internal adhesive. The end result is a custom-fitted, cohesive batt of insulation that provides both high R-Value and resistance to air-leakage.
  • Each bag of WallBARTM displays Environment Canada’s “Ecologo”, classifying it as an “Environmentally Friendly” product.
  • WallBARTM is a thermal or acoustical insulation which may be injected behind a netting, spray-applied or simply installed as a loose-fill. Injection behind netting (WallNET) permits great versatility of use such as in most types of framed wall construction or over head joist spaces and vaulted ceilings. By adding wood strapping the WallBARTM net system may also be used to advantage on a broad range of steel buildings.
  • Because the higher density and perfect fit of WallBARTM it dramatically reduces air leakage and air convection. Its P-Value is substantially better than glass fibre batt or loose-fill materials having a similar R-Value.
  • In addition, WallBARTM basic R-Value remains more consistent than that of mineral fibre throughout a wide range of ambient which makes it a superior insulation for reducing summer heat gain.
  • The cohesive properties of properly installed WallBARTM produce a stable mass of material that will not shift or settle under normal conditions of use. High thermal resistance and noise absorption properties (as well as fire retardancy) are also permanen